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We'll start our tour with book reviews sent to us by colleagues from Europe and then we’ll explore some of the new articles published at our resource section. Before we start, we would like to thank Prof. Frank Van Holen who updated our exhaustive NVR bibliography. Our list which intent to contain all academic texts about NA&NVR at one place makes it easy to learn and search about the concept of NVR. More than that, the increasing number of publications we see each year represents the growing academic interest in NVR and we should all be encouraged and proud about it!



Book reviews


’Non-Violent Resistance Innovations in Practice’ - Elisabeth Heismann Julia Jude & Elizabeth Day


This book presents the most updated information about NVR praxis and is professionally edited in the spirit and ideology of NVR. More than 15 different authors - academic researchers, NVR experts, first-time writers and parents have contributed to this book. Chapters on a range of topics serve as a handbook, present research, and provide new ideas and authentic experiences in working with NVR. The multicultural essence of NVR is exemplified not only by the collection of international contributors, but also by the variety of social and cultural contexts which they present. 
The book is divided into 5 sections and the richness of each of them can be demonstrated by a glimpse at the first section entitled ‘Emerging themes’. The section starts with Dr. Uri Weinblatt’s article - ‘Regulating shame in NVR’, an examination of how feelings of shame can be the focus of NVR interventions. Dr. Weinblatt demonstrates how NVR interventions can regulate feelings of shame of adolescents and their parents. Indeed, dealing with feelings might be the heart and soul of our work, but how can we know if we’re going on the right direction? Keep on reading and you’ll end this section of the book with the chapter – ‘More than just a good idea? From practice to scientific underpinning’. You’ll find here a comprehensive academic review of the literature written by Prof. Frank Van Holen & Prof. Johan Vanderfaeilie, by far the most prolific and critical academic researchers in our field.  The first section establishes the spirit of the book, where the insights of clinicians, the contributions of researchers and the personal experiences of individuals in the field are sure to inform, inspire and engage the reader!
Read here the book review sent to us by the editors and our newsletter readers can enjoy now a special discount of 20%! 

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New Authority in schools – the P.E.N. programme -  Idan Amiel & Tal Maimon

 [Chapter to download from the book 'Non-Violent Resistance Innovations in Practice’]

The chapter starts with describing shortly the evolution from NVR to the New Authority concept by our team at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel (SCMC). The article focuses on our work in school’s settings and presents the fundamental principles of an NA intervention called the P.E.N. programme. The acronyms stand for - Presence Empowerment & Net-support and the rationale for it is explained through the article. The authors demonstrate the power of P.E.N. through case study that was first published in Hebrew. The case study presents the use of NVR tools to empower teachers, to reach out to parents and create support networks to reduce problematic behaviour among students.

With special permission from the publisher you can download the full chapter or the translated version of the chapter to Dutch.



’La Nouvelle Autorité’ - French Translation by Pierre Motyl


We’re glad to announce that the book ‘New Authority’ was translated at the end of last year in French. Read here the book back cover presentation. If you don’t speak French just listen and enjoy the sound of ’La Nouvelle Autorité’ and if you’re a French speaker – well, that’s the right time to buy and read it.



Non-Violent Resistance - Reflections on theory, research and practice - Frank Van Holen, Johan Vanderfaeillie & Bart Colson


The book expands our knowledge about the implementation of Non-Violent Resistance in various settings. The authors describes professional caregiving in multi-problem families and child psychiatry, residential care and home assistance in special needs families. Side by side with that, applications of NVR in school environment enriches and demonstrates the wide variety of using NVR. If you’re a Dutch speaker and struggle hard with English ‘Geweldloos Verzet: Bespiegelingen vanuit theorie, onderzoek en praktijk’ is your book to read for 2019! Read here the book review sent to us by the editors or just press here and buy it



Child to Parent Violence & Abuse: Family Interventions with Non Violent Resistance - Declan Coogan


The book is directed to practitioners working with children and families in domestic violence and describes widely NVR intervention. The book brings together experiences from working with families and the latest research from Ireland and Europe. Read more about it in the text sent to us by Declan.



Vigilant Caretaking for Teenagers - Sven Bussens


The handbook combines the mindset of solution-focused with the concepts of ‘New Authority’ and NVR. The handbook defines various tools, language guidance, applications and techniques that can be employed in groups, but also in one-on-one sessions with parents. A description of the handbook titled ‘Waakzaam zorgen voor tieners’ is provided here by Sven Bussens and you can buy it here.



NVR in school - Wil van Nus


Wil van Nus is proud to let us know that her book Geweldloos verzet op school (NVR in school) was sold out and a second revised edition will soon be published. 



Shame Regulation Therapy for Families - A Systemic Mirroring Approach - Uri Weinblatt


In his book Uri Weinblatt introduces systemic mirroring, an innovative approach to understanding and managing the disruptive presence of shame in children, adolescents and parents. In the root of serious problems between children and their parents he introduces two basic problematic states—experiencing too much or too little shame.
Through deconstructing daily episodes Uri shows in detail how shame, hurt and blame are connected and can escalate situations. The effect of shame regulation is demonstrated also through the client and therapist relationship. Read here a short book review sent to us by Uri.




Articles and New ideas


We start with a couple of articles sent to us by Eliane Wiebenga and Hans Bom from Lorentzhuis who promote for the last years the concept of 'Connecting authority’. The booming effect of the concept started with a successful international conference in 2017 titled - 'Connecting authority, based on principles of Non- Violent Resistance'. The conference presented contributions of Haim Omer and Ziv Gilad from Israel side by side with Frank Van Holen and Paul Verhaeghe from Belgium. Several parents, teachers and police officers from The Netherlands gave impressive testimonials of their experiences and positive results with ‘Connecting Authority’ in their private and professional lives. 

  • Dr. Ziv Gilad from Israel who promotes the concept of CA in Israel (and was also invited by Eliane Wiebenga for a workshop at the Police Academy in the Netherlands) sends us a pilot study about police officers in Israel. In his groundbreaking study he compares the behavior of two groups of police officers in a simulated conflict situation; one had received training in NVR&CA and the other (the control group) had not. This interesting study has implications for the training of police officers especially where there is a climate of high conflict. Read here the German publication of it, for the English version, well, you’ll need to wait and buy the book ’Non-Violent Resistance Innovations in Practice’ mentioned at the opening of this section.


  • Dominique van Munster and Lianneke Ramaekers inform us about IZEO - a new education program for teenagers. Just read their article titled ‘We have a dream – we are, where the youngsters are!’ and learn how implementing NVR in a closed residential youth care can enhance transparency, create a safe environment and improve the support network through working alliances between colleagues.


  • Veerle Lisabeth tries from her personal and professional experience to differentiate and link the concepts of NVR and New Authority. You can read her opinion in her article ‘The importance of the link between NVR and NA’ both in English or in Dutch.


Last but not least, we would like to refer you again to the interesting article ‘Vigilant care in a mentalizing mind’ sent to us by Bart Colson. Bart tries to connect between the concept of New Authority and Attachment theory he starts with explaining the theoretical background of both concepts and how to combine them practically in a child psychiatric residential ward. Read here how the good old SMS (Silent Message Sending) learnt in the basic NVR training of our team, was upgraded to an MMS: Mentalizing Message Sending. Keep on your creative work Bart!


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