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Idan Amiel

Idan is a clinical psychologist and director of the parents' counseling unit in Schneider Medical Center. Over the last 12 years he has been a key professional in developing the concepts of NVR and New Authority. He established, together with Professor Haim Omer, the New Authority Center in order to promote and expand the principles of the New Authority. Idan now serves as the NAC director and guides the professional NVR team in Israel.


Ofri Bachar

Ofri has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As part of her training, Ofri worked with adolescents in psyciatric wards, working both with the children and their families. Currently, Ofri is working at  Schneider Children's Medical Center, both at the  hospital's Mental Health Clinic and at the Parents' Counceling Unit. Ofri is interested in integrative therapy which involves the family system, the school and other aspects in the community. Today she  is working on an intervention model, which is based on  NVR principles, for children who refuse  to go to school, and involves work with schools and with the  community.


Michal Herbsman

Michal serves as the New Authority Center International Training Coordinator. She works at the parents' counseling unit in Schneider Medical Center since 2006, first as a therapist and now as a supervisor. She has previous experience as a child psychologist in state-run boarding schools, working with disadvantaged and immigrant youth. As part of her work with the New authority Center, Michal has given lectures to teachers, as well as professionals in the different aspects of NVR both in Israel and in Europe. Her focus includes counseling parents of children with behavioral problems or suffering from anxiety as well as implementations of NVR in residential settings.


Dr. Eli Lebowitz

Eli is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety related disorders in children and adolescents. Together with Professor Haim Omer, he developed a new approach to parent training for the parents of anxious children. One major contribution of this strategy is the ability to help the parents of anxious children when the children themselves refuse treatment. The book "Children's Fears: Choosing Support Over Protection" authored by Eli and Professor Haim Omer has been exceptionally well received in Israel.
Eli's doctoral dissertation studied families in which one child's obsessive compulsive disorder becomes the controlling factor around which an entire family's life is organized. Eli is now involved in research and doing his post-doctorate at Yale University.


Nitsan Lipshitz

Nitsan has a bachelor's degree in psychology and in early childhood educational counseling, as well as a master's degree in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University. Over the past 5 years, she has been working on various New Authority projects such as parents' training, kindergarten counseling and training, Internet forum administration and as a consultant for WIZO's support hot-line for the parents of preschoolers.
As part of her thesis, Nitsan has developed a theoretical and practical model for coping with inappropriate and violent behaviors in young children through reparation acts, according to the NVR approach.


Maisam Madi

Maisam has worked at the Schneider Medical Center since 2011. She is a fellow at the health psychology program, working mostly with ill children and adolescents and with their families. She holds the position of Counseling Psychologist for the gastroenterology unit at Schneider. She works at the clinic for psychosomatic phenomena where she employs cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis as part of her clinical work. One of her main interests is cross-cultural encounters in a therapeutic setting. At the Parents Counseling Unit Maisam helps families in acute crises using the method of Non-Violent Resistance and New Authority.


Tal Maimon

Tal is Clinical social worker (MSW) specializing in children and youth. Tal's thesis dealt with the study of escalation in the confrontation between teenagers.
Tal works at the Israeli national program "City without violent" since 2008. He guides parents and educational staff in dealing with discipline problems and violence among youth.
Tal has been an active member of the New Authority Center team since 2010 and was one of the keynote lecturers in the 2nd National conference about NVR & NA that took place in Schneider's Hospital on February 2012. Tal has been lecturing about NVR & NA in front of diverse audiences especially about NVR work in schools' settings.


Yael Naim

Yael is a psychologist who joined the New Authority team 6 years ago and took a leading part in constructing the New Authority Website.Yael is involved in new authority projects in elementry schools and she has been supervising for the last three years the telephone supporters groups both with Haim Omer at Tel Aviv university and with Idan Amiel at SCMC. In the past, Yael has worked in psychological assesments and Employment Consultation. In addition to her psychological work with adults and adolescents, she also has extensive experience working with young children and counseling parents of pre-schoolers. Yael has been trained in Group Facilitation and is now working also with parents' groups.


Dr. Iris Shachar Lavie

Iris has been an active member of the parents counseling unit in Schneider's Hospital since 2006.  She has been invloved both in research positions and as a supervisor of the telephone supporters. 
Iris is currently working on her Phd. in Psychology at Bar Ilan University. Her main field of research involves studying  adolescent use of the internet and the digital culture. More specifically, she is researching  the phenomenon of internet over-use and the effects of parental supervision on the "digital family".



Galit Siegman

Galit is a clinical psychologist and serves as the New Authority Center Training director in Israel. She started her NVR work 10 years ago as a telephone supporter in the Parents' Counseling Clinic.  She finished 4 years of internship in clinical psychology and serves as a leading psychologist in the Parents' Counseling Clinic at Schneider hospital for several years. She received her Master's degree in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University and as part of her thesis, with Prof. Haim Omer, developed a theoretical and practical model for parents of children with Diabetes Mellitus. Galit also works in a psychiatric department for youth suffering from eating disorders, conducting both individual and family treatments.


Nir Sonnenberg

Nir serves as the New Authority Center International Training Coordinator. He is a Health Psychologist interested in the effects of harsh life events on family dynamics. He is especially involved in the study and treatment of the parental role in  coping and recovery processes, and enjoys helping parents become a positive force for change in children's anxiety and behavioral difficulties. Nir has been with us at the Schneider Medical Centre since 2009, and is involved in our training programs, teaching NVR to our new team members and to experienced clinicians. Nir considers NVR an essential element of family crisis management as well as everyday parenting. He also includes cognitive-behavioral aspects, hypnosis and mindfulness meditation in his clinical work with parents.


Einat Stoler

Einat serves as the New Authority Center Training Coordinator at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel. She started her NVR work 7 years ago as a telephone supporter in the Parents' Counseling Clinic and now works as a leading psychologist in the clinic. She worked several years as a psychologist in the Israeli association for children at risk and at the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center. Einat develops now adaptations of the NA model to girls who suffered from sexual abuse and works with Idan Amiel on assimilation of the NA model in a residential setting for neglected girls in north Israel.


Merav Stern

Merav serves as director of administrative operation and coordination of the New Authority Center work in Israel and Europe. She is an economist in practice, and has a Master's degree in Business Administration (M.B.A), from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

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