residential setting

Applying NVR in residential settings poses several interesting challenges. For example - how to perform a sit-in in a ward? Is it possible to use the help of parents whose presence is sometimes barely felt? Other difficulties are the need for an immediate response to a violent incident, as opposed to the "Strike the iron, when it is cold!" principle. In addition, can a model for escalating or helpless parents fit for skilled and professional staff?
More than that, in many cases the attitude of some staff members is that NVR principles are too "soft" to deal with the violent incidents facing them. This tendency to view NVR as "soft" is indeed often prevalent among therapists who note the first part - non-violence - and forget that the active and more significant part of NVR is the "resistance". The components of joint struggle and resistance must be clear enough if we wish to create change in parents as well as therapists/staff in residential setting using this approach.
In this section you will find some ideas on how to implement NVR in residential settings.