News & Events

This section is dedicated to the ongoing and detailed work being done by NVR professionals worldwide.

We are welcoming all organizations and practitioners to send us a description of events (Conferences, articles, books review, trainings, workshops, etc.) in any language.


If you wish to promote an event, a book, or even a new idea about NVR, just send your text directly to Galit Monavi our administrative coordinator at: and we'll publish it.




 Conferences and trainings


  Conferences and trainings highlight the spirit of collaboration and learning that is the cornerstone of our community. Check out trainings and conferences, both national and international, in the running news on the up-left corner of the home page and see what's going on.


If you wish to publish your events just send a short text in English (2-3 sentences) and add a more elaborated text in a PDF format to be linked to your message. Please read detailed instructions about it here before sending your text.




Social & printed Media (articles, book reviews, video clips, etc.)


We welcome all forms of articles – it might be a published article in a scientific journal, an interview in a newspaper, a link to social media publication, text about starting an NVR project or even a theoretical idea you might have. You can find all this information shared by activists in the resources section of this website. Just take a look and we're sure you'll find something of interest for you to read or watch. If you wish to publish in our resources section don't hesitate just read the instructions here and send us your text.




The Annual newsletter


The annual newsletter summarizes the work done in Europe and Israel about NVR and the New Authority concept. Choose from the open menu on the left side of this page and read the newest newsletter. We also keep past newsletters that serves as a transparent testimony for our growing community's history and dissemination.


A call for papers will be sent by our team at the end of each year with instructions about the possibilities to publish your work.