Summary of Events - 2018

With our sights set forward to 2019, we also want to take time to look back and summarize 2018. Like every year our annual newsletter offers a chance to see the wealth of activities and developments in our community in the past year. From conferences to articles to developing ideas to support peace, we know you will find something of interest to enrich your own professional endeavors. Enjoy!



Developments in our Community

Read here all about this past year’s projects and activities as sent to us by professionals and organizations. It's a great opportunity to get a glimpse at the wonderful work being done by our colleagues all over Europe and Israel. Read a summary of our 5th international conference in Tel Aviv and find out why NVR activists are welcome to visit Israel again in May 2019 (!)… Read how NA becomes spirited and lively in Berlin and about creative endeavors in the Netherlands. Find out where our first NVR university course in Europe started and don’t forget to download the formal invitation for our next international conference in Austria!
Read about it here



New publications


For those of you looking to enrich your knowledge base we’re sure you’ll find here a lot of interesting reading materials and recommendations. Look at our updated Bibliographic list, containing all articles and books about NVR&NA (if you’ll find a missing reference just let us know). Enjoy reading here short articles that professionals from different countries sent us about new ideas and development. One last note about this section - you’ll find out a publication of an upcoming book with almost 20 NVR professionals who contributed chapters (including Haim, Arist, Frank, Uri, Idan, Peter and more!). As a must-read book for NVR professionals, you’ll be able to download a chapter, and more than that - you are also entitled for a discount if you’ll wish to purchase it! Check it all out here




Call for Action

“Bridges for Hope and Peace” (B4HP - NGO) aims to support psycho-social involvement in conflict-prone settings through developing NVR training programs for future practitioners. The idea is that these practitioners will be able to spread NVR among parents and teachers, and by that reduce the violence children are facing in different contexts of their lives, especially in family and school. Read here about the efforts all the Institutes in the German speaking countries agreed about and the British support they got already. Read the background about B4HP and join this important social initiative!