NVR & the New Authority Concept

Over the last decade, Prof. Haim Omer and psychologists working with him, have  developed a model, based on the concepts of Non-Violent  Resistance (NVR), to help and empower parents and educators in their struggles with behavioral problems in children. Originally developed in Israel, this approach is presently being applied in many treatment centers in Germany, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Holland.

The New Authority is a guiding strategy for empowering both parents and educators. NVR methods are effective tactics and actions that promote the conceptual theoretical strategy of the NA to a practical and efficient practice.


The Parent's Counseling Unit at Schneider’s Children Medical Center (SCMC) in Israel, headed by Idan Amiel took a leading part in developing the New Authority concept. This website was initiated by team members from SCMC but is intended to serve the NVR community.


As you will see to your left - the brief NVR history presented under the different countries was written by leading NVR professionals in that country. The website was built in a flexible way so it can adjust to our growing community needs - Professionals are welcome to send us more information about their institution's NVR work and we will add it to the "About NVR" section.

As this is an international community, we are happy to receive contributions in any language - just send your text to contact@newauthority.net and we will post it.