NVR in Austria

Written by: Hans Steinkellner & Stefan Ofner


It took a while that the concept of Haim Omer and his team gained recognition in Austria. In 2007 Haim held a conference in vienna were we, Hans Steinkellner and Stefan Ofner, took part. We were verry fascinated and so we decided to implement the ideas of the concept more and more in our daily work with individuals, parents, families and schools.

We were verry sucsessful and we wanted to know more about NA and NVR, so we went to Israel. The time there was verry interesting and the following projects in Austria went quiet well and we were verry proud, that we were invited to the international circle.

We joined the meetings in London 2011 and Antwerpen 2012, which we liked verry much and we enjoy being part of the network and working together. So we made another decision, to found an Austrian Institute. An so we did last year when we established INA - The Austrian Institut for New Authority.


In the meantime, there is a second institute for New Authority in the far west of Austria, called PINA (read more here).