N.A.N.I is an opportunity for anyone involved with the New Authority and NVR to share knowledge, make connections and enhance our work together.  In short, it is an invitation for collaboration and support.
In the website you will find resources such as articles or links, a list of institutions and members around the world who are doing exciting work with the New Authority in various fields,   updates regarding upcoming conferences, workshops and books, and forums intended as a way for professionals to create dialogue and share ideas.  The forums are quickly becoming an exciting arena for professionals who wish to consult each other and share experiences regarding their work with NVR.
As a Member, you have access to the resources and forums in the website. You can also become an Activist by contributing your own articles, papers and links or by starting your own forum (for your institution or on a particular topic).  Just send us topics, articles, links or ideas to , which will be reviewed by our team and then posted on the site.  In addition, we invite you to send us a short description of your institution to publish on the site, this can serve as excellent way to promote your work and create further connections. As this is an international community, we are happy to receive contributions in any language!
The website was built in a flexible way so we will be able to adapt it to our growing community needs, and our team will be happy to help you overcome any technical difficulty you may have.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!