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New Authority in the south of Austria


The New Authority and the idea of non violent resistance psychology, has been spread out in Styria (Graz) and Carinthia trough the “Akademie für Kind Jugend und Familie”.


In 2008 we were lucky to have a workshop with Haim Omer in Graz with about 250 people. This was continued with workshops in Vienna and Berlin with over 500 participants. In 2013 we had a workshop with Haim Omer in Graz again with over 280 persons.


Together with the “Lebenshilfe Liezen” we established the upper Styrian conference for new authority, which has taken part in the mean time, for three times. The last conference took part in November 2016. Idan Amiel and Frank van Holen were the international guests.


Step by step, the idea of new authority became reality in Austrian schools. Since 2011 we organized over 70 so called “SCHILFS” to spread out the idea of new authority in different basic schools, grammar schools and high schools. The school council for Styria organized two meetings for directors in 2014 und 2015. We could establish the idea of non violent resistance as leading idea how to deal with pupils at the HAK in Bruck, at the HAK in Judenburg, at the WIKU in Graz, at the BRG in Leibnitz, at the Polytechnikum in Graz, at the Polytechnikum in Deutschfeistritz, at the basic school in Seiersberg, at the NMS in Hausmannstätten, at the NMS in Knittelfeld,


At the “Institut für Kind Jugend und Familie”, one of the biggest institutions for therapy and coaching of children, young people and parents, we coached since 2011 over 400 families with the idea of new authority which is our guideline.


For 2017 it is planned to spread out a new handbook of new authority for school. Up to now workshops are planned for different schools. We also have very good cooperation with PINA and INA.