2017 - Newsletter

Greetings to our NVR and NA community! In this annual newsletter we will offer a chance to see the wealth of activities and developments in our community in the past year. From conferences to articles to developing ideas to work with Syrian refugees, we know you will find something of interest and something to enrich your own professional endeavors. Enjoy!



Developments in our Community

Our professional community is continuously growing and developing. Welcome to the new and veteran organizations who have joined the NANI community. Read all about this past years' projects and activities as sent to us by professionals and organizations. It's a great opportunity to get a glimpse at the wonderful work being done by our colleagues all over Europe and Israel. Here you’ll also be able to sharpen your mind with a riddle on ‘who is using NVR’ in residential care and most importantly, what we, NVR activists proved that we do best (in our international conference in Malmo Sweden). Read about it here



Smartphone and children

In case you haven’t been living secluded in a cabin in the woods, then you know that smartphone usage is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, raising quite a few questions for authority figures. In this article, Michal Herbsman, with our team from Israel, describe a new authority approach to smartphone usage and children.

We invite you to read the article and to please comment. Thoughts, reflections and ideas on this (virtually) hot topic are welcome!



Call for Action

In last year’s newsletter, Tobias von der Recke (Germany) sent us an Announcement as ‘an open letter to our NVR community’ describing the refugee issue in Europe and developments that followed. In his letter Tobias raised 5 questions about our community involvement and ended with the question: What can and what should we do? As we all know in NVR after an Announcement we expect actions. In this section of the newsletter Maisam Madi presents her work with refuges and we describe further actions and options for involvement by NVR activists. If you wish to join our team’s involvement, or are already involved yourself, just write to us and we’ll try to connect and help as much as possible. Read here the developments about this moral and important issue.