Solution Focused Center

The Solution Focused Center is founded by Chris Van Dam and Sven Bussens. Both founders are Solution Focused trained in the Korzybski Institute in Bruges (Belgium) and are colleagues as educators at The University College Ghent (Belgium) in the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work. The Solution Focused Center is founded as an answer to the demand of the non-profit sector for qualitative and payable training and education. Knowledge and techniques that fit actual needs in order to provide the best possible care. Simply, because it’s the right of every Cliënt either Coachee to get the best possible help.


The Solution Focused Center provides workshops, education, supervision, customized work on demand, training and coaching in different locations and in-company. We welcome professionals from the fields of youthcare, school, youthwork, daycare, preventive family support. 


Our team also welcomes clients, teams and coaches in search of a change to improve their situation or state of well-being. 


The Center is founded on three pillars:

  • Solution-Focused Care
  • Solution-Focused Coaching and Leadership
  • New Authority and Non-Violent Resistance

We approach the Solution Focused model as an eclectic metamodel. The solution-focused mindset can be combined with other models and concepts. By combining and co-creating we can adjust our approach to the language, needs and context of the moment.  We consider the techniques as an externalization of the mindset. Techniques used from a strong mindset can be very effective.

The mindset of the New Authority and the mindset of the Solution Focused model make a powerful combination.


The Solution Focused Center is organizing Basic courses and Masterclasses in New Authority and Non-Violent Resistance in co-operation with the New Authority Center. We already had the honor to work with the following guest trainers: Idan Amiel, Michal Herbsman and Einat Stoler.


Sven Bussens arranged an interview with Idan Amiel and Michal Herbsman. The video recordings can be viewed on the Solution Focused Center YouTube Channel and on the website. The interview is published as an article in Agora and can be read on its website. 
In co-operation with Expoo, Vcok and Hogent we created a script for four parent meetings in the context of preventive family support. Here we focus on the mindset and use of New Authority in combination with the Solution Focus approach in daily parenting. 


More information is available on the Solution Focused Center website (click here).

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