Visit Us

We invite professionals who are interested to in getting a closer look at NVR in action to visit our team at Schneider Hospital in Israel. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of NVR work and training as conducted by the most experienced team in NVR today.
As part of your visit, we will coordinate with you a consultation regarding the implementation of NVR and we will be pleased to have you join some of our ongoing professional activities, such as:

  • Group supervision of NVR therapists at the Parents' Counseling Clinic
    You will have the opportunity to join our team supervision and learn about specific cases in our daily work. The supervision will be held in English and directed by Idan Amiel.

  • Telephone supporters' meeting
    Our unique therapeutic model at the Parents' Counseling Clinic involves a team that works with the parents, including a telephone supporter (For more about the telephone support treatment model see an article in resources). When guests arrive the session is held in English and our guests are more than welcome to join in and speak with the trainers and/or the students.
  • NVR training program for professionals
    We currently conduct an NVR training program for groups of professionals (from teachers, counselors, therapists and more) at Schneider Hospital. If your visit will coincidence with the training dates, you will be invited to watch part of the training. The training programs usually run between the months of October- January and March- June. 

  • Consultations meeting with our NVR experts
    If you are interested in applying NVR and the New Authority in specific topics you are more than welcome to notify us in advance and we will connect you with a team member who specializes in this topic. This is also a great opportunity for joining together individuals who share an interest in similar topics.

If you are thinking about coming to visiting us at Schneider Hospital, we recommend that you contact us well in advance, so as to make the most of your visit. If you wish to learn more about this, please contact Merav at